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Rachelle's Resume  
Non-Fiction Writing, Ghostwriting, Editing, Coaching

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'CHRYSALIS: A Dark and Delicious Diary of Emergence'

- personal memoir

- Described as “Eat, Pray, Love” meets “Bridget Jones's Diary” if either woman was a bulimic, alcoholic divorced twice by age thirty-nine, CHRYSALIS chronicles Rachelle’s heart-wrenching, heart-healing metamorphic year.

- published in 2014 through Balboa Press – A Division of Hay House


In addition to writing and self/hybrid publishing CHRYSALIS, I have co-written, ghostwritten, and/or edited eight other non-fiction books as well as acted as a writing coach numerous times. Some relevant examples include:


- The soon to be released memoir/instructional book by the former host of a hit TV medical show. The book includes personal anecdotes as well as adapted material from her online sexologist course and external research. Editor/ghostwriter/writing coach.


- ‘Patchwork Junkie’ by Kyle Dean Houston. It is the memoir of a former meth cook who was able to turn his life around in order to become the VP of sales for a $2B company. In addition to editing his written material at all stages of development, I also acted as a writing coach and mentor.


- 'Everyone Needs a Mrs. Bailey' is a combo memoir and educational book that I wrote with Dr. William Sroufe, the superintendent of a school system in the US who grew up in poverty and was abused (sexually and physically) by his stepfather as a child. Editor/ghostwriter/writing coach.


- 'Desperately Seeking Semen' by Hailey Hendrix, a 40+ single Australian woman who chronicled her journey through trying to get pregnant using traditional and not-so-traditional methods. Editor/ghostwriter/writing coach.


- The memoir for a man who suffered from extreme PTSD after a lifetime of working in the police force and as a security specialist for a gold mining company in Papua New Guinea. Editor/ghostwriter/writing coach.


- 'A JOURNEY TO THE FINAL FRONTIER: A Spiritual Search for Meaning in Modern Times', is a memoir and religious resource I wrote for Vasken Kalayjian who immigrated to the US when he was a teen. He is now an expert brand marketer, but his book is about his journey of intense spiritual experiences that began as a child as well as advice and instructions on how to live a meaningful life in modern times. Editor/ghostwriter/researcher.




Hailey Hendrix:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachelle. I sent her what I thought was a completed manuscript but she saw I was still hiding behind it. She was right. With lots of encouragement, she gently redirected and guided me away from what I thought I wanted to put out into the world, to actually, creating something that had so much more depth and vulnerability. My experience with Rachelle was transformative that went well and truly beyond the keyboard. While she is wonderful and easy to work with, understands and can extract the real story, she doesn’t do the “work” for you – so your “work” is always your own! Your story is yours to drive home and she’ll give directions from the passenger seat ensuring you arrive at your destination in a timely fashion. Not to mention – she’s a great sidekick so you want her travelling all the way with you!”


Marlayna Glynn:


“I was concerned about turning my series of five thrillers over to a scriptwriter but my fears were groundless when I hired Rachelle. Not only did she grasp my intent and the soul of each character, but she also greatly contributed to the build-out of character personality and the world they live in. I highly recommend Rachelle, as she is a writer of the highest integrity, talent, and imagination – a trifecta that’s hard to beat.”


Vasken Kalayjian:


"Rachelle Chartrand is a brilliant ghost writer. I had a wonderful experience working with her on my book A JOURNEY TO THE FINAL FRONTIER: A SPIRITUAL SEARCH FOR MEANING IN MODERN TIMES. She did a terrific job, her inputs always insightful and excellent. Our weekly calls were always on-time, productive and moved the project along at a very comfortable pace. She always met all deadlines and always on budget. The end results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Rachelle Chartrand for your next book."

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