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CHAINED Collaborates with Healing TREE

The CHAINED team is honored and privileged to partner with Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Entertainment), a U.S.-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit.

Healing TREE's mission:

Healing TREE advocates healing from abuse and trauma rather than coping with the symptoms, in order to transform lives and, ultimately, society. They achieve this by providing trauma-focused resources and education and by producing and partnering with relevant film, television, and theatre, empowering the social change necessary to create a healing movement.

It has always been our goal to use the fictional story in CHAINED to raise awareness around both the causes and effects of abuse that all too many children and youth experience in real life; but it has also been our mission to provide the tools and opportunities for viewers to learn more about this issue and to take action.

Given Healing TREE's success in fulfilling their mission, they are the ideal partner for us to team up with.

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If you are in the U.S., Healing TREE provides a free, nationwide directory of trauma-focused mental health providers. They work to connect individuals with providers who are not only brain-body based trauma experts but who also fit their unique needs, like being a therapist of color, a queer therapist or faith based, who take their insurance or offer sliding scale. 

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Below are some powerful, thought-provoking films along with resources curated by Healing TREE.

To learn more about healing abuse and trauma, please visit

Approved Care Network

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The Healing TREE PSA/short film, geared towards middle school through college students, is about the “little t” traumas we keep inside us that affect our lives moving forward.

LOCKED INSIDE US was written by Jessica Mastro and co-directed and co-produced by Jessica Mastro and Marissa Ghavami of Poison Fruit Productions and Healing TREE.

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