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CHAINED has been building buzz across Canada, receiving exciting press and reviews. Below is a selected sample and to watch some cast and crew interviews visit our Cast & Crew Page.

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Chained’ stars Marlon Kazadi, Adrian Holmes talk abuse, toxic masculinity with Matthew Allen.

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"Titus Heckel uses Chained’s high-concept setup as a springboard for an enthralling dive into an impressionable psyche shaped by cycles of abuse.

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 Freestyle Digital Media has acquired U.S. rights to Titus Heckel crime thriller Chained"


“I can earnestly say that Chained is one of the more impressive Canadian features to come along in recent years.

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"Kazadi is definitely becoming a young talent you'll want to take note of, and Paunovic puts in another excellent character performance as Jim. 

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Rachel Ho Reviews

Rachel Ho 

"Heckel does a great job of mirroring Taylor’s abuse to the torment he eventually applies to his captive. It’s an interesting way of interpreting cyclical abuse that will certainly leave an impression on audiences.

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"It’s a compelling character study by a young actor who’s authentic and unaffected as he weighs his choices.


Craig Takeuchi, The Georgia Straight 

​"Adrian Holmes (19-2) appears the most effortless and convincing in his role, and Emily Holmes perks things up in a brief but snappy appearance as a shady real estate agent.

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“It mesmerized me, I had to watch it to the end. I had to find out what was going to happen...It’s quite a compelling movie.

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HNM Critic's Choice
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"CHAINED explores the idea of a mental cat and mouse game. The whole film has a strong, dramatic feel to it. It’s more of a thriller that relies heavily on mind games. 

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HNM Critic's Choice