Bradley Stryker

Writer/Director CROSS OF WOTAN


Bradley Stryker's visual acuity comes from his avid love of photography that began in his
teenage years. It started with the composition of images and evolved into the stories they have
the ability to tell. A skillset that still informs him daily as a filmmaker.

His feature film directorial debut, LAND OF SMILES, an adventure thriller, took the International
film festival circuit by storm on its way to becoming a 35x Award-Winning film. The film, his
screenplay, and his direction received acclaim, including the London Film Awards, the American
Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Review, and the Toronto Independent Film Awards. His brand of
storytelling has been said to be, “Emotionally raw”; and “Unnervingly honest, subtle, and

Bradley started his career in front of the camera over twenty-one years ago. In that time, he
has become an Award-Winning actor with 100+ Film/TV credits. While exploring a variety of
characters and their intimate relationships, he has developed a spine of intrigue in-regards-to
the human condition, a fascination that informs his storytelling from many constructive angles.
An intrigue which also fuels his want and need to tell stories that not only entertain; but have
social relevance as well.

“It is through the magic of storytelling that we as filmmakers can approach social issues from a
constructive angle. We have the opportunity to give an audience an outlet to ponder these
issues with more depth. The ability to ignite conversations and insight change around these
issues that in a perfect world will help facilitate change for the greater good.”
Bradley recently completed his second feature film as a writer/director; SHELTERING SEASON, a
psychological thriller, which was filmed in Vancouver, BC and will be distributed by the
prestigious Vertical Entertainment in the US/UK; and Filmoption in Canada respectfully. He also
recently wrapped his third feature, MOMMA BIRD, also a horror thriller, which is actively in
post-production now.

It’s his eye for talent, high aesthetic acuity, and clear vision as a director that allow him to
deliver critically acclaimed content at a modest price point... an equation that has him on many
up-and-coming lists of filmmakers to watch.