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Production Partners

With a bricks and mortar facility, a decade of experience and extensive tax credit knowledge, Hadron Features services projects of any size and allocate the budget in a way that maximizes production value. Their deep roots in Vancouver allow them to tap into the best crew and create onset energy that is both professional and ridiculously positive and that perfect mix creates incredible content. They have painstakingly built a robust physical production and post production space that also includes production offices, recording studio and an insert stage. MILES FORSTER - Producer/Executive Producer Miles Forster is a filmmaker and a co-founder at Hadron Films. Growing up on a farm in Alberta he chose a different path and planted seeds in cinema. With a foundation in editing, Miles made the transition to directing tv commercials before teaming up with Comedy Dynamics to bring the indie comedy “37-Teen” to life. He has also directed several short films and tv pilots (Tiffen Falls, The Ryan & Amy Show) As a producer, Miles has collaborated with Colin Minihan (Still/Born, Z, Spiral) and Todd Slater (The Deep Web: Murdershow) and has several Lifetime movies in development. CHRIS WILKINSON- Executive Producer Chris Wilkinson wants to spend every waking moment making entertainment, and has spent the last 10+ years building a full service production company to do just that. A writer and producer, Chris has spent his career in the trenches of making content, while working to understand what makes a film connect with audiences. Because making a successful movie means being able to make more movies. Most recently, Chris has been a Producer on the successful indie films Still/Born, Z, Spiral, and 37-Teen. He is currently in distribution on his latest genre feature The Deep Web: Murdershow, with several more upcoming titles in development.

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