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Cross of Wotan

TERESA and her husband speed down a highway, mid-argument, when, in the distance, they notice a huge orange light descending on them and – BOOM! - they violently crash. Tires shriek and glass shatters just as HANK, in the nearby woods aims his rifle and FIRES. Minutes later, Hank discovers Teresa, bloodied and laid out in the woods. Teresa wakes up in Hank’s cabin with her wounds dressed, no memories of her life - or how she got there, and the realization that Hank is living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). What starts out as eccentric behaviour becomes increasingly more erratic as one of his personalities breaches the subject of THEM, a mysterious alien entity he has become the harbinger of… and who just so happens to have a special interest in Teresa.


Although wildly entertaining, CROSS OF WOTAN is also thought-provoking as it explores themes of self-identity and perception as well as presents a mental health issue - one most often portrayed negatively in movies - in a unique, empowering way. Where other films with similar setups have only strengthened prejudices and stereotypes of both the isolated, marginalized and mentally unwell, CROSS OF WOTAN succeeds in breaking them.

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