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We currently find ourselves in an exceedingly relevant time for a film like CROSS OF WOTAN. Over these last few years, many of us have just been separated from extended family and other loved ones due to the COVID epidemic. Whether we like it or not, this isolation forced us to take in that person in the mirror. What I have witnessed in many is a new form of an identity crisis. A forced meditation on who we truly are, that has left many of us grappling with questions we’d prefer not to be asking ourselves. This reckoning is at the core of CROSS OF WOTAN, and ultimately what makes this story relatable for all.


This story brings into question the polarized world in which we currently live. At its spine, this story is wrapped around the concept of perception. Who we perceive ourselves to be, who we perceive those who look differently than us to be, and what we perceive to be right and wrong based upon those belief systems. All this ‘us versus them’ hyperbole has brought our modern-day society to its knees with judgment. And because a good wake-up call is never a bad thing, this film will hold that ignorance under a magnifying glass for us all to look dead in the eyes whether we intended to be roused to our part in this discernment or not.


By amalgamating this current day identity crisis, along with many of our polarized perceptions; we have created a powder keg of a foundation for CROSS OF WOTAN. 


~ Bradley Stryker, writer/director CROSS OF WOTAN

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