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Daniel Woburn



Daniel Woburn is a British screenwriter who studied U.S. History at the University of Kent, Canterbury and ended up emigrating to Vancouver Island, Canada.

As a teen, He interned with Stephen Woolley at Number 9 Films, instilling in him the desire and determination to work in the film industry. Daniel is an alumnus of the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT) School - the leading performing and creative arts school in the UK - where he studied Film & Media Production. He has been on both sides of the film industry, working in entertainment journalism and in post-production.

His true passion is screenwriting, learned from a young age when his brother would rent him the works of Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez (because he wasn't old enough to do so himself!). Daniel has a particular affection for writing dramas, thrillers and action & adventure screenplays, with his goal always being to simply share a meaningful story with the world.

Daniel on the power of story;


"The continued survival and proliferation of our species has arguably relied upon storytelling for thousands of years. We have learned lessons from the tales told of people, animals and everything in-between to guide our morals and decision-making with family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers. 


This tradition continues today with cinema and the visual arts, with the ability to reach people all over the world thanks to our globalised society. These are tools which should be treated with the utmost respect and humility; in the right hands, they are a force for peace and understanding, and in the wrong hands... a weapon for consigning us to the dystopia so many think us capable of. What will you do with the power of storytelling?"

Daniel wrote MIST AMONG THE TREES based on the small town where he resides on Vancouver Island, utilizing its mystical beauty and decent, hard working people as inspiration. The script has already been amassing accolades, including:

- Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Feature Competition

- Top 50 Finalist, Network ISA Fast Track Fellowship

- Top 20 Thriller Features of the Month on Coverfly (May 2021)

- Top 10 Finalist (Mystery/Crime/Thriller genre), Table Read My Screenplay Competition

- Semifinalist, Filmmatic – Inroads Fellowship

- Semifinalist, Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest 

Daniel has also found competition success with his other screenplays as well, including THE HOTEL BARBERS, a crime
caper set in 1920s Australia, and most recently, BARRIERS, a sci-fi thriller set in a remote Texas town. 

Sample accolades for THE HOTEL BARBERS:

Winner, Script Summit (2020)
Top 10 Finalist, ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition (2019)
Top 5 Finalist, Fresh Voices (2019-2020)
Finalist, Inroads Fellowship (3rd)
Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival (2020)
Semifinalist, WeScreenplay Feature Contest (2021)
Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (Winter 2020)
Semifinalist, Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition (2020)
Stage 32 Recommended Writer

Sample accolades for BARRIERS:

Semifinalist - ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition (2022, Ongoing)

Quarterfinalist - TSL Free Screenplay Contest (2022)

Top 6% of all projects on Coverfly (August 2022)

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