How will we get where we’re going? Two words: RADICAL COLLABORATIONS


Collaborating with Talented Conscious Creators!


My Precious Pictures is committed to working with award-winning and/or boundary-breaking creators who understand that films and series, still the most influential mediums in the world, can be both critically and commercially successful without compromising creatively, all while having a massive impact on the individual audience members and society as a whole. 


We work with creators who believe that the key to building empathy is an authentic, profound curiosity in the human condition, and who masterfully weave themes, issues, perspectives and experiences into their work so as to expand the minds and hearts of audience members without being preachy or heavy-handed, but always being entertaining!


As we move into the web3 space, we are committed to collaborating with creators that are socially-minded and purpose-driven. 


As former president of Women in Film and Television Vancouver and having taught and counseled students of all ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds locally and abroad, MPP founder and president, Rachelle Chartrand, is committed to telling diverse stories, hiring diverse talent in front of and behind the camera, and providing an environment of inclusion on set and in all areas the company does business. This is not just an ‘add on’ initiative but is integral to the creation of My Precious Pictures and My Precious Ignitor Club, and is an entrenched part of the impact we intend to have on the world.


Collaborating with Ignitors! 


My Precious Ignitor Club was created because we know the power of community and are passionate about using genre storytelling to ignite audiences, and empowering them to transform the world. But we also know that Ignitors are a wealth of experience, ideas and energy; they are the true fuel for real, lasting, meaningful change. 


Keeping connected with Ignitors will ensure we always stay the course in achieving all our goals. By continually gaining meaningful feedback from interested individuals, we will be able to ensure Ignitors are the most valued, rewarded, included, empowered members in the entertainment and web3 space! 


We have already posted some ideas in the ‘Member Benefits’ area and have created a questionnaire to receive feedback. 


Beyond gathering input about membership benefits and social change, we also know that there is an abundance of diverse creativity and talent in the world. Through our ‘MPP Casting & Crewing’ program, we aim to tap into this wealth to create incredible projects of international appeal while helping those who need a break into the industry get one. 


Collaborating with Activators!


We know what we do best is telling compelling, entertaining, powerful stories and creating fun, engaging content. While we are passionate about transforming the world, we know the best way we can do that is by supporting the incredible work of Activators - the many passionate, purpose-driven organizations, communities and individuals - and connecting them with ignited audiences to participate and promote their meaningful calls-to-action.


As each MPP project explores an issue or theme that aligns with at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to connecting and collaborating with relevant Activators doing proven, impactful work in the goal. 


We are proud members of the Impact NFT Alliance, and have already collaborated with Covenant House Vancouver and Toronto for CHAINED.


To learn more, please check out the Impact NFT Alliance and Sustainable Development Goals’ areas in MPIC, as well as the Impact areas of each Project Room.


Collaborating with Impact Investors and Partners!


Since its launch in 2018, My Precious Pictures has sought to be a leader in creating authentic, ethical and powerful partnerships with investors as well as industry organizations, companies, and professionals; and will continue to do so, always ensuring whoever we partner with has aligned values with our projects and overall vision. 


Please check out the WHO WE ARE section of MP Roadmap to see some of the incredible collaborations we have been a part of, and the support we have received. 


As we enter the web3 space, we plan to continue and build on this track record. We believe there is a huge opportunity to use converging technologies to have a positive impact on society, and plan to maximize the possibilities with like-minded companies, professionals and investors.