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A Transformational Program for Leaders, Dreamers & Freedom Seekers!

“Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I've been given, and so my journey begins.”

~ Catwoman (Halle Berry)

The Ignitor's Journey program was created to liberate you, to empower you to create the life of your dreams, and fulfill your purpose of having a meaningful impact in the world. 


In a nutshell, the Ignitor's Journey program teaches freedom!

But first you must heed... 


The Call!


Do you feel INSPIRED to create a life of PURPOSE, MEANING and FULFILLMENT but feel trapped by your present circumstances?


Do you have DREAMS, VISIONS, and MISSIONS for yourself and the world but feel overwhelmed by all you want to do?  

Do you just KNOW that you are not (by a LONG SHOT) living up to your full potential or NEARLY having the IMPACT you are meant to but feel continually stuck?​


Do you know what you should or could do to become ALL you were meant to BE but feel paralyzed by fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs?


Well, great news!


What you are actually experiencing is…




And all that discomfort you feel is you actively, although unconsciously, resisting it.

Whether the call is to lead an organization, become a sociopreneur, start a non-profit, produce a socially-charged film, write that book that burns inside of you or transform your health...


The truth is what you seek is simply freedom.


Freedom to be who you REALLY are. To express and experience life in all its fullness.  


FREEDOM from the unhealthy habits, destructive patterns and toxic thoughts that are holding you back from fulfilling your purpose with passion.

FREEDOM to have the impact you were always meant to have.

There is nothing to fix. Only things to let go of. 


And it’s time…


It’s time to DISAPPEAR your fears, DISINTEGRATE your doubts, and DISPROVE your limiting thoughts so that you can freely achieve your dreams, visions, and goals - for you and the world, with ease and with grace.


It’s time to heed the call to freedom.


It is time for you to embark on

the Ignitor’s Journey!

Ignitor’s Journey is a ten-stage program that draws on the timeless wisdom of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey as well as Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers”, which both describe the mythical journeys of the greatest fictional heroes and heroines in stages.

The Ignitor's Journey personalized, guided program was created by screenwriter, producer, author and memoir ghostwriter, Rachelle Chartrand, after realizing that in overcoming her greatest REAL-LIFE challenges she had gone through a version of these mythic stages.

The Ten Stages.png

The Ignitor's Journey process is EXACTLY what Rachelle unknowingly used to free herself from childhood sexual trauma, a decade-long eating disorder, a thirty-year battle with alcohol, and the pain of two divorces...

As well as lead a legacy non-profit out of the red, produce international award-winning films, publish her memoir and much more.

Rachelle's journey to freedom might have been much smoother had she been consciously aware of the stages, but during this time, Rachelle gained a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and skills that she is eager to share; she is a walking box of transformational tools!

Rachelle now consciously, methodically and habitually applies the Ignitor's Journey process to any areas of struggle that arise so that she can freely create the life of her dreams and fulfill her purpose with passion.

And that purpose is to help other leaders, dreamers, and freedom seekers to do the same!

Your extraordinary journey to freedom awaits.


Will you answer the call?

To book a free consultation, please reach out and tell Rachelle a bit more about yourself, your dreams, and your journey thus far!

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The Adventure Awaits!
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