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United Humans

The multi-talented Writer/Director of DOWNLOADED, Ollie Rankin is also the founder of United Humans, a movement designed to make massive social impact.  United Humans is a grassroots organization built on the pillars of love, science and fairness. 

United Humans Foundation was formed in Vancouver, Canada, in 2022 by Ollie Rankin and a small global group of collaborators. In parallel to a 20+ year career in the film and tech startup industries, Ollie has been championing cooperation, climate action and his vision of human destiny under the banner From the Trees to the Stars. After more than a decade of research and ideation, he began to formulate Optimalism as an answer to the culture of selfish individualism, greed and exploitation that is prevalent today.

"Optimalism uses love to define fairness, uses fairness to direct science and uses science to make decisions. "

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