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Features In Development 

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Cross of Wotan

A Sci-fi Thriller

An injured amnesiac woman is found and nursed back to health by an unstable mountain man; when she attempts to escape, she is confronted by the existence of extraterrestrial life and the reality that the man she is running from might be her only chance at survival...

Both sides of the gun - Cover Photo.png
Both sides of the gun - Cover Photo.png

Both sides of the gun

A Romantic Crime Thriller

A young, recently exiled mobster begins a quick escape from town until his brother's troubling disappearance lures him back, and unknowingly into the midst of an elaborate and chilling revenge game.

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Mist Among the Trees

A Mystery Crime Thriller

A bereaved small-town coroner struggling with her sobriety in the wake of her son’s mysterious death uncovers a deadly cover-up by the local powers-that-be, endangering herself and her community.

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Shutting shudderland 

A Paranormal Scifi Thriller

After receiving a cryptic digital invitation, a computer programmer joins six other guests at a castle where their eccentric host informs them they are the sole descendants of a damned Irish family and that they have until dawn to break the curse or be condemned to 'The Midway' for eternity. 

Series In Development 

Winter Town
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The Vigilant

A supernatural horror of love and vegegance 

A ghastly murder throws an idyllic, yet idiosyncratic, coastal town into a frenzy as its living and non-living citizens attempt to unmask the killer.

Theory of Evelyn cover photo.png
Theory of Evelyn cover photo.png

Theory of Evelyn 

A One Hour Drama Series  

A rock star physicist struggles to stay on the path to become a historical figure as her moral failings and celebrity aspirations undermine her pure passion for science.

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