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Making of CHAINED Part 2: Action!

Learn about how CHAINED went from script to screen...  


What's it all about?

In this video Titus tells us about the theme of CHAINED and answers the question every filmmaker needs to: what's it all about?


Location, Location 

In this video, Vince shares his thoughts on shooting in Kelowna, and building the shots of CHAINED.


Aleks on What Makes a Great Director

In this video, Aleks fills us in on his experience working with Titus, and what makes a great director.


The Collar

In this video, our phenomenal Prop Master, Anne Henderson, gives us the scoop behind the *best* prop (maybe ever?)... The Collar.


Growing The Garden 

In this video, our Production Designer, Jim, talks about creating an urban garden to die for... from nothing!


AD Advice Working with a Child Actor 

In this video, Mike chats about the constraints imposed on scheduling when working with lead actors, who are also minors, and how he worked with them.


Reflecting Colour in Character

In this video, Production Designer extraordinaire, Jim Cliffe, explains how he used colour to reflect various aspects of the characters in CHAINED.


CHAINED Christmas Miracle

In this video, the crew discusses the financial challenges encountered during the shooting of CHAINED and how they were overcome.


The Cast 

In this video, Vince Arvidson talks about working with the cast of CHAINED.

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