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Making of CHAINED Part 1: Getting Greenlit

A case study in passion and tenacity...


Write What You Know

Here, we start at the beginning: the inspiration behind CHAINED and how Titus approaches writing a film.


Take Control of Your Career

WATCH and learn how Rachelle came to produce CHAINED and maybe even get a little ~inspired~ to take control of your own career.



WATCH Titus tell us how he pitches... with passion!


Failing Forward

Titus explains the importance of perseverance and failing forward not backwards.


Communicating Your Commitment

WATCH Rachelle share how she communicated her commitment to the Harold Greenberg Fund, and why over-communicating can actually work to your advantage.


Getting the Big Fat Pass From Telefilm

In this video, Rachelle tells us what it was like to receive the first big NO and how they recovered from it.


Reaching Out to A-List Talent

In this video, Rachelle tells us how, when it came to CHAINED, anything was, actually, possible.


Getting the Big Fat YES from Telefilm

WATCH: The first big YES for CHAINED was, according to Titus, all about the timing.


Pitching at the Whistler Film Festival

In this VIDEO, Rachelle tells us why it's SO important to put yourself in the buyers' shoes... especially when you're pitching.


Getting and Losing the 'Big Name'

WATCH: How Titus and the team got a little distracted chasing stars, but eventually found their dream JIM.


Connecting With a Grammy-Winning Pop Star

When the team connected with a major music star in 2019, they thought everything was coming up CHAINED... but they forgot to remove the middle-man.


Rewriting the Script for Production

CHAINED got the green-light! And then the real writing work began for Titus.


The Pros and Cons of Leveraging

In this VIDEO Rachelle discusses the "house of cards" she'd built in 2019, and why we have to believe in our projects.

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