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Making of CHAINED Part 3: Bringing Life to the Characters!


On this page you will have the opportunity to hear directly from the cast themselves as they discuss the process of bringing their talents to CHAINED. From the audition
s to their process preparing for challenging roles, these talented actors will take you behind the scenes and give you a unique perspective on the making of a movie.

CREATING CHAINED: Why Pick a Project?

In this video, Aleks tells us what drew him to CHAINED, and maybe provides some inspiration for you, too.

CREATING CHAINED: Creating a Layered Villain

In this video, Adrian tells us how he created a villain with layers, heart, and humanity.

CREATING CHAINED: Adrian on Working with Marlon

We had an awesome mix of veteran and emerging actors in CHAINED, in this video, Adrian talks about working with, and seeing a bit of himself in, Marlon.

CREATING CHAINED: Aleks Feels the Cast] Love

In this video, star Aleks Paunovic, sings the praises of his co-stars, Adrian Holmes and Marlon Kazadi.

CREATING CHAINED: What Marlon Learned from Adrian

Hear all about what Marlon picked up acting across from Adrian in this VIDEO.

CREATING CHAINED: Marlon and Aleks Make Magic

Our series continues with Marlon Kazadi telling us all about his experience making movie magic with Aleks Paunovic.


In this video, Leia Madu talks about the glamour of filming... having your moms present to watch you film a kiss scene 🙄

CREATING CHAINED: The Lead and The Director

In this video, Marlon talks about his experience working with Titus. SPOILER ALERT: it was kind of amazing.

CREATING CHAINED: Audition Jitters

In this video we hear from Marlon Kazadi and Leia Madu on their experience with the audition process and scoring their first leading roles in a feature film.

A.D. ADVICE: Working with Child Actors

Turns out, we were doubly lucky to have First Assistant Director Michael Johannson with us on set... because now he's sharing advice on how to deal with bumpy on-set situations.

In this video, Mike chats about the constraints imposed on scheduling when working with lead actors, who are also minors, and how he worked with them.

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