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Marlayna Glynn

Marlayna Glynn is an award-winning storyteller on page, film, and photography and has won multiple awards in various disciplines. Her published journey includes writing and editing 60+ books that span the genres of memoir, biography, and horror/comedy. With such a wide span of crossover creative interests, Marlayna is dedicated to creating new opportunities for artistic expression.


After winning a short film screenwriting contest in Austin, Texas, Marlayna’s resultant short film People That do Something was filmed and can now be found on YouTube and Amazon. Marlayna has been hooked on the drama/horror/thriller genre ever since.


When Marlayna asked her seven children to each create a fictional character, Marlayna was challenged by the family to develop a book around a very disparate character group. That one book turned into The Vigilant, a series of five books, and Marlayna soon partnered with Rachelle Chartrand to adapt the books to a horror/comedy series along with the pilot script The Vigilant: I Hate My Death.


Marlayna recently learned she is a Y-DNA descendant of a long line of medieval Irish kings via the Ui Fiachrach Aidne and Ui Maine Mac Flaind dynasties. The relation can be traced back to second-century High King Conn Cetchathatch, or Conn of the Hundred Battles. Of course, this thrilling connection only strengthened Marlayna’s interest in genre storytelling.


In 2017, Marlayna created Birthright Books, LLC, a writing and publishing house dedicated to the art of creating memoirs. She is dedicated to her passion for storytelling and assisting others in bringing their stories to the page.

You can follow Marlayna on Instagram at @birthrightbooks or visit her site:

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