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My Precious Ignitor Club members are the heart & soul of all we do. Generous, meaningful benefits are not only a way of showing our appreciation but to help empower Ignitors to transform the world. 


A 3-tiered membership - Free Ignitors, Light Ignitors (monthly), Original Ignitors (NFT holders); will allow for a variety of levels of engagement, entertainment, collaboration & benefits. 


All Ignitors have access to a vibrant community, BTS content, & up-to-date progress on projects. LI (Light Itgnitors) & OIs (Original Ignitors) will receive additional benefits, with OIs receiving the most exclusive, high-level benefits with their NFT. Some ideas include:


           For the genre filmmakers and film lovers:


           * Access to exclusive, high-level behind-the-scenes content of                  development/production of MPP projects.


           * Access to all areas of MPP Project Rooms.


           * Access to online and IRL games and competitions.


           * Exclusive merchandise drops and special deals. 


           * Online pre world premiere screening events for MPP projects.


           * Creative collaborating opportunities on MPP projects.


           * Exclusive opportunities to meet the creators & cast of MPP films.


           * Access to grants, casting & crewing opportunities; advanced                 film-related educational and research resources.


For the socially ignited:


* On & offline games/contests with the purpose to transform the world.


* Access to passionate, purpose-driven organizations and brands. 


* Access to meaningful calls-to-action.


* Collaborating and voting power on MPIC social impact initiatives.


* Proof of membership in MPIC to use online, in the metaverse, & IRL as     proof of your passion and commitment to transforming the world.


                      For the web3 enthusiast:


                      * Exclusive, free NFT drops.


                      * Allowlisted for individual MPP project NFT drops.


                      * Free access to to the MPSL metaverse.


                      * Free access to all web3 gamification for MPIC.

Ignitor Benefits

We will be solidifying and announcing the tiers and benefits prior to our first NFT drop, which will take place mid-summer 2022. In the meantime, we welcome any feedback or requests. We are committed to ensuring Ignitors are the most valued, rewarded, included, empowered members in the entertainment and web3 space! 


Please connect with us on social media to share your thoughts; to have your direct input, fill out the following questionnaire by June 22, 2022!