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Welcome to My Precious Ignitor Club, a passionate community of genre storytellers and story lovers committed to transforming the world!


What if?

What if “Harry Potter” fans brought magic to an orphanage?

What if “Black Panther” fans joined together to solve injustices caused by colonialism? 

What if “CHAINED” fans teamed up to empower youth and end the cycle of abuse?

What if you could use your favourite genre stories as a catalyst to change the world? 


Fans of thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre stories are amongst the most curious, imaginative, and passionate people on the planet.


We immerse ourselves in created worlds filled with fictional characters with an open mind and an open heart, and stay engaged with our favourite stories well beyond ‘The End’.


That’s what My Precious Story Lounge is all about!

And it is our passion for genre story that is exactly what the real world needs right now.


You see, although genre storytelling is not reality, it does tackle real-world problems in imaginative ways that spark empathy and fuel new possibilities.


My Precious Ignitor Club was created to take all this love, curiosity, imagination, compassion and passion that is ignited within us as we enjoy our favourite stories, and channel it into meaningful action in the real world.


By specifically focusing on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (AKA The World's To-Do List!), we are introducing unique perspectives and creative voices to a powerful movement already in motion; one that aims to solve the world’s most pressing issues.


Equally important, MPIC was created to make transforming the world fun. From movies, to gaming, to NFTs to an Ignite metaverse… we will be exploring the infinite possibilities through the most entertaining, engaging platforms!


So look around, get inspired, and take action by becoming an Ignitor today!

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