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Upcoming Events

August 1-7th - Weekly Focus: SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Being

This week we are focusing on films, non-profits, events and call-to-actions that tackle Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Learn more about SDG 3 here:

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being - Events and Calls-to-Action 

August 4th @ 9am PST/noon EST"Good Vibes: All -In Good Feelings" 

My Precious Pictures president and My Precious Ignitor Club founder, Rachelle Chartrand, has been invited to be a panelist on this weekly LinkedIn Audio Show created by John Shevchenko Mongeau and hosted by Daniela C. Merlano.


This week's topic is "Emotions on Minting your NFT Project", which is perfect timing as we just announced we will be minting the Original Ignitors NFTs on October 24th!

August 5th @ 7am PST/10am EST - "FUTURE OF CHILDREN: How to take care of them in the Metaverse"


Join us in attending this very important online event!

We must have the health and well-being of children as our number one priority as we develop web3. Things were done so wrong with web2 and in much of the entertainment industry. This online event is hosted by Conspicuis, an incredible new organization that 'specializes in certifying web3 communities as safe & inclusive spaces'.

To learn more about the above events & to register, click the calendar links!

Mark Your Calendars!

September 15th - Deadline to submit Ignitor Benefit questionnaire

October 24th - My Precious Ignitor Club will do its first NFT drop! 10K generative NFTs for Original Ignitor memberships.


Check out the Ignitor Benefits page to learn more about the incredible utilities.

Make sure to tag MPIC on Twitter and we'll retweet any relevant socially-driven film screenings, SDG events and NFT drops.


If you join the My Precious Ignitor Club community in Discord there are also many opportunities to promote you relevant events and calls to action there!

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