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My Precious Ignitor Club is a proud member of the Impact NFT Alliance, a global alliance of Web3 companies, non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals who are passionate about creating positive impact with NFTs.


The Alliance's mission is to use NFT to ignite and accelerate environmental and social impact around the sustainable development goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations. The seventeen well-defined and measurable interlinked goals serve as a blueprint for the Alliance and its members in creating the NFT as a digital asset for recording, funding and enumerating impact actions in the physical world.


In order to join the alliance, organizations must make specific commitments to Impact and demonstrate “Proof of Impact” (PoI) for their initiatives using ImpactNFTs. Acceptance into the alliance involves a selection process as well as signing a pledge.


We are very excited to be a part of this passionate, brilliant, innovative, international community, and are committed to developing ‘radical collaborations’ with the other members of the alliance.


As an Ignitor, you too can be part of this revolution of transformation!


First step is to join the My Precious Ignitor Club community in Discord: https://discord.gg/twYy6f4eck


To learn more about Impact NFT Alliance, checkout their website here:  https://www.impactnft.org/


To learn more about MPIC’s SDG Initiative, click here.