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December 5, 2022

On December 5th (International Volunteer Day!), My Precious Ignitor Club will be minting the 'Original Ignitor' NFT collection!

Original Ignitors (OI) are a unique 10k generative digital collection that will act as both membership badges and game pieces with meaningful, high-level benefits for the genre filmmaker and film lover, the socially ignited, and the web3 enthusiast... not to mention opportunities to play-to-give, play-to-earn, give-to-earn and so much more.

See below for the OI NFT Legend of traits and rarity!

OI NFTs are the culmination of everything My Precious Pictures has been working on for the past few years and are the launching pad for all that is to come for My Precious Story Lounge and My Precious Ignitor Club.

Please check out all we are planning to offer in the Ignitor Benefits area:

Our goal is to make social impact fun. And we are committed to ensuring Original Ignitors are the most valued, rewarded, included, empowered members in the entertainment and web3 space.

Stay tuned... more details coming soon


"Original Ignitor" NFT Legend (see OI NFT sample and corresponding diagram below):

MPIC = My Precious Ignitor Club logo
OI = Original Ignitor


a. Easter egg from one of My Precious Pictures' projects. (ex. a banana plant, which plays a pivotal and metaphorical role in CHAINED). See MP Project Rooms for the other projects. 8 different possibilities, equal rarity.

b. A ‘mask’ representing a particular genre of film (ex. alien/sci-fi). 10 different possibilities, 3 rarer than others.

c. A symbol for ‘Ignitors’ (ex. torch) 8 different possibilities, 2 rarer than others.

d. Medallion style 3 different possibilities, 1 super rare.

e. Letter of the alphabet representing potential virtues or qualities we want to ‘ignite’ in the world (ex. R for resilience) 26 different possibilities, some letters rarer than others, 5 super rare.

f. Number representing one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ex. SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being). 17 different possibilities, equal rarity.

The NFTs will also be available in 8 different colours. The 7 colours of the rainbow plus full rainbow ones (in example), which will be super rare.

8 x 7 x 6 x 2 x 21 x 17 x 7 = 1.7M possible unique NFTs (excluding ones with super rare traits)

With this mix of traits, at 10,000 NFTs, even ones without the super rare traits are actually quite rare on their own, but the distinctive design, tone and MPIC & OI logos connect them all, making them clear representatives of the MPIC brand.

In addition to the rarity, value comes from the community connections, games and challenges we will be creating on and offline. Although each OI has an icon pertaining to specific projects (which will have unique benefits and gaming opportunities), the overall collection is based on a slate of projects, an interactive platform (My Precious Story Lounge) and a socially-driven community, which will increase in value as the films/series are produced, the platform develops, and the community grows in size and impact.

This is highly unique as most NFT collections are based on one IP that will naturally peak and fall over time.

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