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Welcome to the
MP Ignitor Club House!

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A vortex of meaningful, purposeful real-world transformation! 

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From Storytelling to Storydoing


Using the power of genre storytelling and web3 as catalysts, MP Ignitor Club is a place where purposes are triggered, meaning is fueled & possibilities are ignited with the ultimate goal of 

liberating the world!


An ambitious endeavor, we know!


But when the human spirit is ignited and empowered, anything is possible.


And when humanity works together, transformation is guaranteed.


But sometimes purpose, meaning and possibility need a little spark to get IGNITED!

That's where the MP Ignitor Club House comes in!

Take a look around, get ignited, and when you are ready to get into action, please join us in our mission for meaningful, purposeful real-world transformation!

Have a Calling to take on something extraordinarily impactful?

Check out Ignitor's Journey, a personalized, guided transformational program created by MPSL founder, Rachelle Chartrand, to teach other leaders, dreamers & freedom seekers how to follow their bliss; to consciously create the life of their dreams and fulfill their purpose of having a meaningful impact in the world. 


Or if you have a story that you know is meant to have an at-scale impact, work with Rachelle, a multi-award-winning screenwriter and producer as well as published author, one-on-one as a writing coach or project consultant.

Let's ignite the possibilities!


To book a session, click here

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