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A hybrid live-action/game-engine interactive VR narrative short, DOWNLOADED is a modern parable that addresses the role that technology plays in our lives. After all, are we not already—to one degree or another— trapped in our computers?

A rock star physicist struggles to solve the great riddle of the Universe as her moral failings and celebrity aspirations undermine her pure passion for science.

A bereaved small-town coroner struggling with her sobriety in the wake of her son’s mysterious death uncovers a deadly cover-up by the local powers-that-be, endangering herself and her community.

A ghastly murder throws an idyllic, yet idiosyncratic, coastal town into a frenzy as its living and non-living citizens attempt to unmask the killer.

After receiving a cryptic digital invitation, a computer programmer joins six other guests at a castle where their eccentric host informs them they are the sole descendants of a damned Irish family and that they have until dawn to break the curse or be condemned to 'The Midway' for eternity. 

A modernized female version of Homer’s The Odyssey, this sardonic fantasy adventure spans the course of one day and is set against the backdrop of the annual Vancouver Greek Day Festival.

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