CHAINED, Feature Film - a psychological crime thriller that explores toxic masculinity and the cycle of abuse: Completed



CROSS OF WOTAN, Feature Film - a sci-fi thriller exploring our misperceptions, prejudices and treatment of the mentally unwell. Financing Stage.


CROSS OF WOTAN Room: Opening June 2022


DOWNLOADED, VR Narrative Short - a gamified story exploring the dangers of our dependence on tech. Completed.


DOWNLOADED Room: Opening July 2022


THE VIGILANT, Feature Film - a supernatural YA thriller exploring justice and youth empowerment, based on the book series written by Marlayna Glynn. In Development. 


THE VIGILANT Room: Opening August 2022


MIST AMONG THE TREES, Feature Film - a mystery crime thriller exploring police and political corruption in a small town.

In Development. 


MIST AMONG THE TREES Room: Opening September 2022

SHUTTING SHUDDERLAND, Multi Media Experiential Story - a paranormal sci-fi thriller exploring where science ends and spirituality begins, as well as the intersection between our fears, phobias and mental health. In Development.


SHUTTING SHUDDERLAND Room: Opening October 2022

BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN, Feature Film - a romance crime thriller about a man trying to break the cycle of a life of crime.

In Development. 


BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN Room: Opening November 2022


THEORY OF EVELYN, Series - loosely based on Rachelle’s early experiences as a woman in the male-dominated world of physics, a high-concept, boundary-pushing drama exploring themes of scientific advancement, as well as corporate and academic corruption. In Development. 


THEORY OF EVELYN Room: Opening December 2022