Phase One: Complete


  • Launch My Precious Story Lounge website.

  • Open CHAINED Room.

  • Launch My Precious Ignitor Club.

  • Unveil My Precious Roadmap.


Phase Two: Spring/Summer 2022


  • Launch MPIC Discord community.

  • Open other Project Rooms each month and updates as they advance through development.

  • Announce Original Ignitor NFT Drop Date.

  • Announce Member Benefits.

Phase Three: Summer/Fall 2022


  • Original Ignitor NFT Drop.

  • Open Original Ignitors-only area in Discord.

  • Choose and Announce Charity/Non-Profit to support through 5.0% of funds raised in OI NFT Drop (OI input).

  • Continue opening Project Rooms.

  • Hold first Project NFT Drop.

  • Shoot next feature film. 

  • Free, fun NFT drops for Original Ignitors.

  • Launch monthly paid membership opportunity (Light Ignitors).

  • Launch our Activator Collaboration program. 


Phase Four: 2023 and Beyond (to be fleshed out and prioritized post OI NFT Drop)


  • Hold subsequent individual Project NFT Drops (OIs allowlisted). 

  • Launch our Creative Collaborator program (OIs).

  • Launch our ‘MPP Casting and Crewing’ program (LIs & OIs)

  • One by one, produce and release MPP Projects and create highly interactive, engaging, valuable content and opportunities for Project Rooms (exclusive content for LIs & OIs).

  • Hold exclusive online screenings and events for OIs. 

  • Hold fun, meaningful online and offline events/fundraisers for our purpose-driven collaborators (Activators) for LIs and OIs.

  • More free, fun NFT drops for OIs.

  • Free Project-themed physical merchandise for OIs. 

  • Create online games (free for LIs & OIs).

  • Hold games, contests and competitions for all Ignitors.

  • Create and open MPSL Metaverse!

  • And so much more!