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Are you an impact filmmaker, storyteller or web3 creator?

Calling all storytellers who want to have a massive impact with their creations by galvanizing audiences!

Galvanizors are boundary-breaking creators who understand that film, still the most influential medium in the world, can be both critically and commercially successful without compromising creatively, all while igniting the individual audience member and society as a whole.

Galvanizors know that the key to building empathy (the foundation of world transformation) is an authentic, profound curiosity in the human condition, and seek to masterfully weave themes, issues, perspectives and experiences into their work so as to expand the minds and hearts of audience members without being preachy or heavy-handed, but always entertaining!

As the world moves more into the web3 space, we are committed to engaging with as many talented, purpose-driven, socially-minded creators as possible. You are the future of storytelling!

MP Galvanizors receive incredible benefits that aim to educate, enlighten and empower you to not only create impactful work but to build and engage passionate audiences.

To learn more about some of the Galvanizors we have joined us so far, click here:

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