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Production Partners 

Founded by visual effects veteran Ollie Rankin,  Pansensory Interactive Incorporated has been developing immersive, interactive technology and content since 2012. Specializing in novel approaches to interaction in virtual and mixed reality, as well as  original interactive narrative content, the company continues to explore new ways to engage, inform and entertain audiences


Digital Domain was founded by James Cameron, Stan Winston and Scott Ross in 1993 and has produced visual effects for over 100 films. Their new media division has developed industry-leading technology for creating virtual humans and executing virtual production as well as creating numerous high profile virtual reality games and experiences

Producing Team 

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 4.17.14 PM.png

Left-to-right: Ivan Hayden, Ollie Rankin, Nancy Basi, Tiera Skovbye (lead actress), Rachelle Chartrand, Daniel Japiassu

Ollie Rankin


Pansensory Interactive


Ollie is a film and entertainment technology pioneer. From his early work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, to his more recent work developing new conventions for virtual reality narrative, he has always sought to push the boundaries of storytelling.


Nancy Basi

Executive Producer


Nancy is a pillar of the Vancouver film/tv industry and a champion of its burgeoning VR ecosystem. She served as an Executive Director on the Vancouver Economic Commission and Vice Chair of the Vancouver Chapter of the VRARA.

Rachelle Chartrand


My Precious Pictures


Rachelle is an award-winning screenwriter and producer as well as past president of Women in Film & Television, Vancouver. 

Ivan Hayden


Frostbite Pictures


Ivan is a producer of television, TV movies and web series with an extensive background in the Vancouver visual effects industry.

Daniel Japiassu


YDreams Global


Daniel is the CEO of YDreams Global, creators of Arkave, a multiplayer VR arcade platform for LBE (location-based entertainment).

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