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The Ten Stages

The 10 Stages 1. Call to Freedom 2. Refusal of the Call 3. Meeting the Mentors 4. Crossing

What it actually is


A call for growth, transformation, expansion - for ourselves and the world.

A call towards fulfilling your potential.

A call to live with purpose, passion, meaning.

A call to be free.

How it feels


The initial call, which can begin as a whisper before growing into an inner cry if unanswered, can feel anywhere from cool & tingly to quite exciting to completely exhilarating.

It feels like clarity, knowing, wisdom.


It feels FREE.

But no matter the intensity, the feeling often lasts only as long as the initial flash of inspiration.


Then our scared ego shows up... and pushes us into the second stage...

The 10 Stages 1. Call to Freedom 2. Refusal of the Call 3. Meeting the Mentors 4. Crossing

What it actually is


The ego interprets the Call to Freedom as a risk.


The bigger the call, the bigger the opportunity (and requirement) for growth, transformation, & expansion... all death sentences to the fixed ego.


This is normal. And important. Our ego serves a purpose: to keep us safe!

What it feels like

If we get stuck at this stage, it feels HORRIBLE.

Once the fear, doubt, guilt, & shame dissipate...

Grief, uneasiness, despair, powerlessness, unworthiness, anxiety and depression set in.

Refusing the Call is extremely uncomfortable so we escape, avoid, and procrastinate by engaging in unhealthy distractions and activities like:


  • oversleeping

  • overeating

  • over exercising

  • binge watching

  • mindlessly scrolling social media/checking emails

  • arguing with strangers online

  • consuming toxins (alcohol, drugs, sugar, etc.)

  • excessively meditating

But if we just pass through this stage, it feels even more exhilarating; we know if the ego is not brought forth, we are just playing it safe.


It feels like appreciation - for the call, for our courage, for the ego wanting to protect us.


It feels FREE!


And we naturally move onto the third stage...

Stage Three Meeting the Mentors.png

We consume books, podcasts, films, documentaries, YouTube & TikTok videos; we watch webinars; we take courses and we go to seminars and conferences...


All of which provide valuable information about our Call as well as the skills and knowledge we will need to achieve our goals.

What it actually is

One of the unique things about the human species is that we are not born knowing everything we will need to know or having all the skills we will need to have in order to do all the things we will be called to do.

Our great gift from nature is our ability to continually, and consciously, develop.

If we passed through Stage Two with awareness, Stage Three is simply a time to develop.


If we got stuck in Stage Two, 'Meeting the Mentors' can be the catalyst to pull us out of our refusal. It can be another method the Call to Freedom uses to be heeded.

What it feels like

Developing means growing, which feels expansive and invigorating. In gathering the tools we will need, we are building our confidence, and this feels empowering.

If we are focused and aligned with a vision and plan, Stage Three feels motivating and inspiring.

It feels FREE.

But beware!


Accumulating knowledge & insight can be addictive as the ego loves to feel 'smart'.

It can convince us we are not ready to take action. But it is risky to relish here too long.

Continually 'gaining' and not 'utilizing' what we've learned can cause us to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, anxious, tired and bored.

Giving mentors (especially the 'experts') more influence than they were meant to have can also make us feel inadequate, unworthy, jealous, envious, ashamed, and depressed.

But the pain will push until the vision pulls...


And eventually we will move forth on to fourth stage...

Stage Four: Crossing the Threshold.png

What it actually is


The Call has become so loud & the vision so clear that we are pulled towards it, pulled from an 'old paradigm' of who we are and what we are capable of towards a 'new paradigm' yet to be created.


It is an opportunity to choose a path.


It is an opportunity to make the changes that are needed for the next stages of the journey.


It seems this transition is using a lot of energy as we change the momentum of our lives and minds; overcoming the inertia of old habits and patterns

In fact, it is potential energy being converted into kinetic energy, which will fuel us as we journey on through the next stages.

This requires mental, emotional and physical effort, but spiritually it is effortless.


The ego will tell us it is not worth it, but the pull of the Call and our vision tell us it is.

What it feels like


Due to Stage Four's energy, feelings are intense.


If we resist or get stuck, it feels like powerlessness, trauma, fear, doubt, panic, blame, regret, anxiety, stagnation, confusion, urgency, hopelessness.


If embraced, it feels like POWER, CLARITY, EASE.


And we FREELY, JOYFULLY enter ...

Stage Five: Committing to the Vision

Stage Six: The Big Breakdown/Breakthrough

Stage Seven: Inner Reward

Stage Eight: New World Paradigm

Stage Nine: External Reward

Stage Ten: Becoming the Mentor

(Sharing the Rewards!)

To learn more about all the stages and how The Ignitor's Journey program, with Rachelle as your number one ally, mentor and guide, can help you master all the stages, please reach out and tell Rachelle a bit more about yourself, your dreams, and your journey thus far!

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