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The Vigilant

When the decapitated head of town bully and billionaire heir Oren Kniffer is found atop Beetle Oaks’ town square flagpole, the horrific discovery sets Beth, a lingering sixteen year-old ghost, and a slew of other seekers, on individual quests to unveil the killer. Beetle Oaks is no stranger to mystery, but as the private lives of its citizens are investigated, it is soon revealed that no one is who or what they seem.


The assumed culprit is eventually found and the town, seen and unseen, breathes a collective sigh of relief. But when the mutilated body of the charged psychopath turns up, it becomes evident that something far more sinister than a burgeoning vigilante serial killer is at work in Beetle Oaks.


Is this grisly execution just another in the town's history of unsolved disappearances, or  or has someone or something more malevolent come of age?

mething more malevolent come of age?

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