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MP Ignitor Club is a proud ambassador and passionate supporter of United Humans, a grassroots organization with a plan to fix everything.


Imagine a society in which universal equality was a given, rather than a dream. In which fairness and sustainability were prioritized over productivity and profit. If enough of us can convince ourselves that it’s possible to build such a society, it will become possible. And once it’s possible, it’ll be inevitable.


The idea of building an open-source model of collective decision-making based on love, fairness and science, is called Optimalism. United Humans Foundation exists to research, develop and implement Optimalism, while teaching the world  about it and inviting everyone to join in, to help make it better. 






Science is humanity’s greatest invention. Sure, it doesn’t have answers to every question—or even know how to go about asking some of the most important ones. But the methodical process of measuring, predicting, testing and repeating is fundamental to all the technology that enables modern life. Yet we don’t apply that same approach to our social and political systems. If we were to innovate civilization, like we innovate gadgets, the payoff would be transformational. We can even innovate ourselves, by being open-minded and curious, continually learning and evolving. 


Like the poet, author and activist, Maya Angelou said:



Everything good and bad that humans have done to get us to this moment was a necessary part of getting us to this moment. The moment when we know better. So why aren’t we doing better?


Maybe it’s because some things feel too big, too fundamental to ever change. Maybe because we’ve been raised to believe that people 200 years ago or 2000 years ago somehow knew better than we know now. They didn’t. But it wasn’t their fault. They didn’t have the access to knowledge or the tools that we have now. So let’s put that knowledge and those tools to use and reclaim the present moment.

To learn more about United Humans and how you can join to help us build an infinite future together, please visit:         

 LOVE                            FAIRNESS                       SCIENCE

“Do the best you can until you know better.

Then do better.” 

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